When the market shifts, is repositioning your brand the answer?

Over the last year, the consulting team at Graystone has helped numerous mobile, SaaS and professional services brands with their messaging. Whether they are well-established or scaling, the exercise has generally been triggered by the need to react to new market conditions and reposition.

For instance, the prospect of market consolidation in the UK mobile market, represents a seismic shift. MVNOs are already using this as a chance to review their strategy and seek out new opportunities and advantages.

Similarly, in markets issuing new licenses, there’s a chance for the application providers delivering billing or customer service platforms to grow their brand and assert their capability by becoming integral to the go-to-market strategy.

Of course, some brands have cause for concern in times of change. Digital start-ups are eating up market share and

leaving legacy providers in their dust. It’s a case of transform or die.

Yet, for all of these companies, it’s hard to communicate their value in a new world. It’s often not a skill-set they boast, and, as we’ve discovered, not something they have done for a long time. And why would it be if their brand has not experienced the urgency of competing in more dynamic economies, or at such high levels?

Prior to working with us, many have tried to identify the message they need to take to market. But it never gels. Usually because the proposed messaging has come from an internal view of the world. It’s clouded by what people believe to be true, and a mix of opinions that are not always consistent.

It can lead to a short sighted approach with little longevity in terms of how it will support the goals set out in the company strategy. And that’s if there is a strategy that reflects the changing dynamics.

It’s generally at this point that leaders have to accept they won’t arrive at messaging that will cut through, because the strategy is no longer fit for purpose. You can’t lead a company into change if the message you want to convey does not align with what you do and how you do it.

Messaging needs to come from insight. You must know your customers and prospects inside out, and ensure the messaging not only reflects what’s happening today but the direction the market is going. How will you serve those needs? What’s the gap? Can you do it alone? Do you need partners? What will you be famous for?

This makes messaging a cultural exercise as much as anything else. Amazon is clear that if you want to be the largest e-commerce platform in the world, you need people who are willing to take risks, fail, learn and thrive.

Are your people up to the job? Are they capable of meeting the demands of the company’s new strategy? Are they measured on objectives that achieve the strategic goal? Are they supported to become visionary? Are their behaviours a reflection of the company values?

As we start to work with leaders, it becomes clear to them that unless they understand the fabric of their company and how it translates to the market, they can’t address the company message.

That’s a brilliant outcome, albeit for some, unexpected. Having the bravery to accept strategy and messaging are intertwined, allows leaders to take great strides towards realising the ambition.

They can get the right team and skills in place. Focus on partnerships that drive the strategy. Adopt processes that underpin the company ethos and values. Build products and services that meet the customers’ needs and deliver marketing that drives the market demand.

We know, because we’ve got the clients to prove it.

If you find yourself leading a company through crossroads of change, then speak to us about how we can help you devise and deliver your plan.


Samantha Crowe

About Samantha Crowe

Sam has a wealth of experience in marketing and PR developing and executing consumer and business campaigns in a range of sectors including mobile, IT, charity, food retail and art. Known for making things happen, galvanising teams and putting in place world-class processes for product and service launches for international brands through to start-ups