Research and Segmentation

Insight into customers and what their needs are is crucial to building the right proposition and we are passionate about ensuring that everything is built around the customer.

To help our clients understand their customers better we have developed a segmentation model that is based around customer attitudes.

This model has segmented UK consumers into a number of identifiable customer segments and can then be deployed in any market and overlaid with a specific market focused “boost” to give even greater insight. We have used this approach with great success in telecoms and retail markets but because it is based on customer attitudes it can work equally well in any other consumer vertical.

The advantage for clients is simple, by tapping into a tried and tested segmentation approach there are significant cost savings versus developing a segmentation from scratch. However, there is still ample scope to take the core market segmentation and build it into what is right for your customers and your business.

Our model is simple, we will licence the market segmentation to a client and then work with them to overlay the specifics for their business and customers. The result is a faster and more accurate customer segmentation model at a substantially lower cost, that can be paid as a monthly licence.

But most important of all we will also work with you on the critical insights and actions that are driven out of understanding your customers better.

So, whether you have a need for a detailed segmentation or simply need some advice on building your own research project we can work with you and give you the benefit of many years of experience working with and researching customers.

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