Is your VNO business growing, thriving and delivering great profitability? Or is it stuck in a rut, has it hit a wall, or worse still, is it on the downward spiral to oblivion? Read more here.

The first in a series of white papers written in conjunction with Grant Thornton. This paper explores the impacts and opportunities of recent legislation changes that will impact MVNOs. Whether it’s opportunities driven by Roam Like At Home EU legislation or the Apprentice Levy you can find out more here.

Artificial Intelligence is going to be one of the greatest impacts on the work place. There will be roles that can be delivered more effectively by robots and AI. It’s important that both employees and employers recognise this and prepare themselves for the changes in the workplace, and learning new skills is crucial. Read this white paper to explore how to retrain for the future.

A detailed analysis of the UK MVNO market prepared in conjunction with Mobilise Consulting. This paper highlights who the movers and shakers are in the UK MVNO market whilst also estimating customer numbers and revenues. Click here to read more.

In business, one of the few constants is change. Whether it is reacting to new legislation, implementation of new systems or reorganising the company structure, leaders and employees are dealing with constant change. Could business simulation games be the answer to a smoother implementation? Read the white paper here.

MVNO margins are always under pressure and often it feels like MVNOs get a raw deal from their host network. Mobilise Consulting have a fresh approach to how MVNOs can level the playing field and achieve gross margins of up to 70%. Find out how here.

As we all become increasingly concerned about keeping our children safe online Swiss company Privately has developed an Al chatbot to help and educate children whilst keeping them safe. Read this recent article on TechCrunch.

Experiential learning is proven to be the most effective way of retaining knowledge. Learn how business simulation games can help make your organisation more agile here.

Carolyn Bunting, General Manager at Internet safety organisation internet matters, discusses whether artificial intelligence could help spot online threats to children. See the article here.